SOYEON MEDICAL CO.LTD, is established to make beautiful world together
in the field of medical device manufacturing.

About us

To achieve the goal ‘100% customer satisfaction’ we are strengthening our quality management and service training and we are actively reflecting customers' opinions in product development.
All emplyee of Soyeon Medical always do their best to return 'the best products with the best service' and will continue to move forward.
Through continuous research and development, we are pursuing customer satisfaction with higher quality products. Thorough quality management will lead our company to self-sustainable and competitive company. We improve our business environment for gradually growth every year.
By realizing the value of life for our employees we eager to contribute to the health and happiness of humankind.
Growing into a medical device company in the 21st century - based on the future-oriented and challenging spirit by fulfilling the social vocation, responsibility, and dedication of the company - our goal is to be an honest and trusted company leading the advancement of medical technology for human health.